Glastonbury Valley is situated on Old Burford Farm, it is farmed in conjunction with Perridge Farm by our Auntie and Uncle, Judith and Clive who also created Brown Cow Organics to sell their award winning beef and yogurt they produce. Together the farms make up 480 acres of organic farm land situated on the South of the Mendip Hills in Somerset with wonderful views across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury Tor.

We have 100 Guernsey dairy cows that were established on the farm in 1957. Today they are fast becoming a rare breed.

The cows are a sight to behold as they graze our clover rich pastures. They produce wholemilk full of flavour as they are not pushed beyond their natural ability to produce milk.

Consequently, and because of their largely grass based diet, they live for many healthy years. (Did you know that the average life of a conventional dairy cow is only 4 years!)

Each year our cows give birth to a calf that is either reared to enter our dairy herd or reared for our award winning organic beef enterprise. We also grow organic cereal crops in rotation and these are then fed to our animals during the winter months.

More can be found about the farm, the amazing job Judith and Clive do and their produce on the Brown Cow Organic website here.